About Us

The AFSP is a fellowship that transcends artificial barriers of organised religious groupings, religious beliefs and welcomes those of diverse religious viewpoints so that we can exemplify the concept of “Unity in Diversity”. The Fellowship is a totally independent organisation operated and controlled in Australia.
The AFSP is the central authority in Australia and acts as a representative and administrative body for member Congregations. The fellowship is both a Church and an association of Chartered Churches that accept the basic doctrine of the AFSP - “One God Many Names”.
We do not discriminate due to your gender or sexual orientation, our ministers transcend any artificial barrier of other organised religious groups.

We at the AFSP hold the belief that we are all Gods children, no matter what others beliefs and misjudged viewpoints may be.

Welfare Fund

The Fellowship also operates a public fund to receive donations to be used for helping people in necessitous circumstances. Money from this fund is used to either donate directly to local welfare agencies, or to purchase items such as food, clothing or blankets that are then donated to local welfare agencies, to be used to help those in need. Donations to this fund are tax deductible.