A message from our Archbishop of the AFSP Worldwide

The Archbishop The Most Reverend Robert J Carnes

The Archbishop The Most Reverend Robert J Carnes welcomes you to the Australian Fellowship of Seven Planes web site.

Many of our mainstream religions seem to be evident that a major change is occurring, they appear to be journeying in two varied and opposite directions.

The first progression, which consists of many internalized observant fundamentalist groups within Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, as well as other religions seeking a return to their original religious roots.

The second progression, externalized observant, has been a resultant in neglect of the religious creed in general and of religious dogmas in particular. Many people are no longer satisfied to remain on the fringe, of a system of beliefs, even though a particular religion is said to be.

They now wish to place themselves in the centre of a system of thought springing from their own experiences.

In that respect, the acceptance of religious dogmas is no longer automatic. The believers have acquired a certain analytical sense regarding religious questions, and the basis of their convictions corresponds increasingly to a self- endorsement.

Where as in the past the need for spirituality consummated forth a few religions having an arborescent form (namely, that of a tree well rooted in its socio-cultural soil) to the enrichment of which they have also contributed, today it takes the form of a tuberose structure, composed of many and varied small shrubs.

The Spirit seems to now blow where it wishes?

What we have found today, on the fringe or in place of the immense religions, are smaller groups of like minded, religious and esoteric communities sharing similar ideas, or flow of thought within which doctrines, more proposed than imposed, are accepted through unbidden membership.

Regardless of the intrinsic nature of these religious communities, groups, or movements, their expansion indicates a metamorphosis of the spiritual quest. Generally speaking, we feel that this metamorphosis has come about because the great religions, which we used to respect as such, no longer have a monopoly on faith.

They display increasing difficulties in answering many people’s questions and can no longer appease, them inwardly.

Moreover, people may be estranged because these religions have alienated themselves from spirituality.

But spirituality, although invariable, in essence, constantly seeks to express itself through channels increasingly suited to the evolution of humanity.

The survival of the colossal religions depends more than ever upon their ability to abandon the most dogmatic moral and doctrinal beliefs and positions they have embraced through the generations.

If the mainstream religions wish to endure, it is essential that they adapt to society.

If they do not take into account either the evolution of human consciousness or the ascension of modern science, which means yielding in the face of evolution they thereby condemn themselves to a progressive disappearance, but not without causing further ethnic-socio-religious conflicts.

Nevertheless, we presume that their evaporation, is inevitable and that under the influence of the worldwide development of consciousness, they will give birth to a universal science based religion that will integrate the best that the major religions have to offer humanity for its transmogrification.

Furthermore, we affirm that the desire to know the divine laws, namely, natural, universal, and spiritual laws, will eventually supplant the need just to believe in a God. We assume, that one day belief will give way to knowledge.

Robert J Carnes



Australian Fellowship of Seven Planes Worldwide


Leading Minister
Rosicrucian Church of the Australian Fellowship of Seven Planes