What is a Web Hosting Cooperative?

It an alternative to commercial sites who charge exorbitant service fees. We offer shoe-string budget organisations and Non-Profit Organisations an affordable Web & Email portal to the Internet! To help our members, we offer yearly blocks of server space and bandwidth. This is the Rosicrucian Project. We lease blocks of bandwidth and cooperatively share it and the cost between groups, retaining a small margin for operating expenses. Inexpensive Web Hosting? What's the deal? Simple really. Commercial Web hosting costs too much money. Members of this cooperative have low bandwidth needs and shoe-string budgets. Thus we have banded together to survive!.


What does it Cost?

All our members pay a one-time, yearly membership fee of $45 per year. What do I get for my money? You get 10 meg of hosting space, 10 email addresses (pop3) & 500 meg traffic (Bandwidth). The only extra is bandwidth - if your site becomes wildly popular. Bandwidth is a reasonable cost, and we can quote you a cheap price for that! You don't have to be a Web Guru, either. Most of our members are non-for-profit organisations, with little or no web design experience. Our goal is to offer low-cost services and instruction to help you grow. Why not give it a go?

Do you just require Email services?

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A personal e-mail address that you'll never have to change again!

Our Email Service is an Australian-based service which, for just $8.95 a year, gives you an exclusive personal e-mail address that's yours to keep as long as you need! If any of these apply to you ... "I want an e-mail address... * that I can keep as long as I want, even when I change ISP. * that's short and easy for my friends to remember. * that's more personal. * that's mine, not my ISP's! ... then our Email Service is the answer! You can now get a cool e-mail address which is yours and not your service provider's. messages sent to your Email address are instantly diverted to up to four other e-mail addresses simultaneously, such as the address provided by your current ISP or at work. If you change ISP or your work, all we do is change your diversions: your E-mail address will always stay the same! Also, because we have such a large range of domain names available, if your chosen e-mail address is unavailable in one domain, it will almost certainly be available on another, unlike many web based e-mail providers which need you to add meaningless numbers to your address to make it unique. So you can choose an address that is really personal to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The service costs just $8.95 per year - that's about 17 cents a week! (No GST) You can pay for the service by online secure credit card payment (PayPal), direct bank deposit, postal order. Some people have asked us why we charge for this service. It is because we feel that the quality of service is the most important issue. We use high quality Unix based servers to provide a service that is extremely reliable and quick, and we would rather give subscribers a premium quality service for a small annual fee than a service that is slow and unreliable.

If you have any other questions about the service or you wish to signup, please contact Us