Can You Hear God?

We go through life sometimes thinking that God never talks to us or he does not care about our lives. He has far bigger and better things to do, or our loved ones that have past onto the Lord, never contact us and we do not feel them around us.
But sometimes we need to be still in our thoughts and our lives, and look for the little things, as these could be the message that we are waiting on.
Little things, such as a bird hovering over us and landing on our head, or the butterfly swiftly fleeting around us to catch our attention as we walk. Sometimes it may be just a phone call with no-one at the other end, just as we were thinking of our loved one, or as we were sad in our thoughts.

We are sometimes blind to Gods messages due to life's worries getting in the way and drowning him out. We need to open not just our hearts, but our minds and be still to receive some of the messages and lessons from him and our loved ones.

I myself was in the same boat, as it can be said, I had an emptiness inside of me for most of my life and had no idea of how to fill it, and with what to fill it with.

I was searching most of my life for something that God was trying to give to me all along, but I just kept on missing his clues that he kept throwing me.

It was like drowning in an ocean, God kept sending me life preservers, but I never reached out to get them, blinded by the waves of emptiness and hurt.

It was not until I sat quietly and then I noticed the small messages of what he had in store for me, the messages were right there in front of me all the time.

All I had to do was look and read, there was my future, he wanted me to follow, in my case it was in the form of adverts in different magazines from times gone by, that kept cropping up and a cryptic message sent from a member of The Order, to where my life would travel towards his ultimate goal for me, Ministry of Religion.

So from that day forward, I devoted my life to The Rosicrucian Order and the Priesthood, to help others in their travels in life.

From time to time we, as Ministers, question Gods future for us, I remember just recently, questioning Gods plan for me.

I thought, was my life going in the correct direction?

God had whispered to me that I should study further into Christian Theology, and take my education on the subject onto bigger and better goals.

So as and good child of the high and mighty, I did as I was instructed, and attached myself to a local, but large Christian denominations study center.

After sometime during these studies, I started to question if it was the right direction to be heading, as Rosicrucianism is not based on it.

So once more God had to give me another little nudge and hint, that I was traveling in the right direction, "his direction".

While at a leaders lecture of my Order, a quick and little message was given, "the only way to God and Heaven is through the teachings of Jesus Christ".

Now of the several people in the room, I was the only one to understand this message, and to understand it was directed to me, pointing me, to the direction he wished me to travel.

Now, I know what you are thinking at this very moment.
How did he know the message was for him?
Well, the other members at the lecture including the lecturer, were not of any Christian denomination and complained of why it was included in the lecture.

God's little message to me to take notice.

So as it has been stated before, watch, listen, for God's and any passed loved ones, little messages.

They may have been talking to you all this time, just you were not listening or watching for their signs.