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Written On Your Heart

September 30th, 2015

In the Old Testament, God’s commands were written on stone tablets and kept in the tabernacle. Now, we have the New Testament, or new covenant. When we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we become His temple. He lives in us, and He engraves His promises and commands right on our hearts!

How can you be sure of this? This verse goes on to say that your spirit, your inner man, has a strong knowledge of what is right and wrong; what you should and shouldn’t do. When His law is written on your heart, you are drawn to follow His Word. That’s the Spirit of God on the inside of you, guiding and directing your steps. As you follow His leading, your ability to hear and know Him is strengthened. But if you choose to bypass that prompting on the inside, your heart can become hard which will affect your ability to hear Him in the future.

Make the decision today to demonstrate that God’s law is written on your heart by quickly obeying His leading. Remember, His law is written on your heart! Trust that He is leading you in the path of blessing all the days of your life!


silent epidemic

September 28th, 2015

Depression has been called the ‘common cold of the emotions’. It is common. There is no quick fix. Yet unlike the common cold, depression is not readily noticeable to an onlooker. It is a mistake to assume that a person who is depressed is down at mouth and sitting at home in a dark room sunk in misery.

It can be like that. But very often, those who are depressed seem to be quite normal on the surface. They may seem active and purposeful, and yet behind the façade is a despondency which can defy explanation or solution.

Depression is surprisingly common among Christians. It can be harder for them because they figure that Christians ought not to feel that way. Depression is seen to be a poor witness. Which brings us to Jeremiah.

This passage indicates he felt God had let him down. Circumstances were overwhelming. There seemed to be no hope. He had done the right thing but wrong things were happening to him. He doesn’t hide his despondency but pours his heart out to God.

There is no easy solution to the complex issue of depression. However, one lesson we can draw from Jeremiah is that we need to tell our God all about it. He is well able to bear the painful and uncomfortable and sometimes unorthodox feelings within us.

It is no sin to be depressed.


words can be weapons

September 25th, 2015

Our words can be weapons. We can use them to demean and diminish people. We have no need to wield a knife or point a gun in order to demolish people. Words will do just as well.

In today’s climate, what passes for ‘debate’ about important issues is too often more a case of abuse being hurled at opponents. Or simplistic and hurtful attempts to pin labels on those with whom we disagree. It all makes application of this text impossible. In context, Paul is urging God’s people to accept one another, differences and all. Living in peace does not involve denial of differences or sweeping disagreements under the carpet.

But nor can it involve cheap name-calling which is a substitute for sensitivity and understanding. Those on the ‘right’ accuse those on the ‘left’ of being unbiblical or even heretical. Those on the ‘left’ accuse those on the ‘right’ of being bigoted or fundamentalists. It seems it is hard to question a long-held belief because we can be accused of lacking conviction. And it is correspondingly hard to hold to a long-held belief because there will be accusations of bigotry and closed-mindedness.

There is no easy answer. But Christians would do well not to mimic the way the world engages in debate. Offer a different model. See people as those loved by God not as adversaries or as mere categories. After all, pigeon holes are for the birds!