Am I crazy, because I believe in a spiritual being that no-one can see or touch?

Do I dare tell others that I heard my mother cry out my name on two separate occasions, after she had passed onto our Lord?

Or that I talk to our Lord each night and await his answers.

Or do I disbelieve a very close family member, that categorically states they seen a vision of Saint Francis of Assisi, pass-by very close?

Was Our Lady Bernadette, wrong on what she stated seeing, was also Joan of Arc, crazy?

Well look what happened to these both, when they spoke of what they saw!!


Do we dare tell others, and suffer the wrath of public ridicule or keep our faith in silence?

Science has told us of late, that after death experiences are nothing but fanciful rubbish, and that the people that have had these experiences, were experiencing, nothing more than electromagnetic brain trickery.

But how do we know, that as the brain is dying, that it is somehow, uploading the soul or what some of us call “the self” to the ether of heaven, and this is why there is so much activity to the brain as we pass on.


What happens if all the sceptics are, let we say are, WRONG?

Are you ready to play Russian roulette with your soul and after life, if these people are wrong?


What happens when these people, do experience after death, the Pearly Gates of Heaven or whatever is awaiting us in the hereafter, and find out they were, SO WRONG.

I can assure you, I don’t want to be in that type of circumstance, and live my life with blinders on, to spiritual matters that we cant always have a scientific explanation for.

Not everything is black and white in this unknown world we live in, we are still discovering the unknown every day.


Remember, man was wrong before on many occasions, “the earth was flat, the sun rotated around the earth and we were the centre of the heavens”, don’t forget, we are only human and do make mistakes.


Why should we standby and be ridiculed by people like Richard Dawkins and the like, just because we don’t conform to their scientific way of belief?

Who says they are the only ones right?

They have as much proof of their belief’s as we do of ours, and in most cases, even less than us, so why standby and be badgered into something we don’t believe, just because we do not fit in their box?

Never be afraid of what you believe in, stand up and be counted, unite with like minded people.

Become a member of a bible based church, or a group of like minded men and women, such as the Rosicrucian’s or Mason’s, who do believe in a higher being other than us.

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