Degree Programme

The Multifaith Academy of Allied Spirituality (The Academy) is a subsidiary of The Church of Seven Planes Australia and was established to provide a quality religious pastoral education that embraces at its core practical religious scholarship and personal enrichment. We are non-denominational and not associated with any one religious or spiritual group as our students come from many places, many lifestyles and have many belief system and practices. The Academy tries its best to support all our student's endeavours and interests, regardless of personal theology and practices.

Please note that the Academy does not discriminate against any person based upon race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious background or national and ethnic origin. The Academy seeks to conform to all laws concerning equal opportunity education.

All Academy degrees are earned via distance learning. The Academy has no physical campus but instead utilises the Internet as a online campus. The Academy provides student resources online except for textbooks. Online students are able to communicate with the Dean of Academic Studies via email.

All assignments and tests are to be completed over the Internet. In the coming future the Academy may utilise developments in internet technology so students can communicate with a Tutor directly by some form of chat room facility, but this is for the future.

The Academy wants to provide our seminary students with the most beneficial pastoral and religious education possible.

Certificates from previous relevant courses can be credited towards a first degree (Bachelor) and is known as Extra Institutional Learning. It is defined as learning that is attained outside of the Academy of Allied Spirituality. However the Academy does not issue Bachelor degrees based upon life experiences, certificates must  be included with an application for a Masters and/or Doctorate degree and the relevant fee.

The Academy offers Master's and Doctorate Degrees in a variety of studies, all with a religious foundation. All Degrees fall under numerous categories, including: Christian Studies, Ministry Degrees, and Interfaith Studies (non-Christian focused) Degrees.

Please take note that the Academy is NOT a degree mill. We do NOT award degrees for substandard work or no academic work at all. You will be expected to complete your studies and submit them for grading and comment by the Dean of Academic studies. Every course assignment you send in to us is actually read and graded by the Dean. If you do not meet our student standards then you will NOT receive your degree until you bring your grades up to the acceptable standards of this online Academy.

No Academy student with a grade point average below a "3" will be awarded any degree by the Academy. There are no exceptions!

Students with the Academy may change their degree coursework to better fit their needs, if they can show the program as outlined and created by the Academy is insufficient.

The Dean of Academic Studies is the student's Academic Advisor who answers questions or makes changes to the program in accordance to student's needs, answers coursework related questions, and eventually grades the coursework.

Those candidates for a Doctorate must defend their thesis in writing against the questions of the Academy and the Dean

The Academy will use the following grading system:

HD = 6

D    = 5

C    = 4

P    = 3

PC = 2

F    = 1

Students with below average grades will not be awarded their degree or diploma until they bring their grades up to at least a "C". If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or have a degree you would like to create please contact us.

The degree programme is currently being revamped - if you would like details of what we can offer and cost, please contact us.